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10 Romeo... $
8 Hak allah... $
1 Sabeh... $
9 Khabi nazratak... $
Posted: 10-21-2010
New Video from Amir Sofi

Amir Sofi performing with Stevie Wonder in Seoul Korea.

Posted: 8-22-2010
DJ Said Mrad

Here's the man behind the oriental mix of Shakira's hit - Lebanon's DJ Said Mrad This Lebanese DJ worked on the remix of Shakira's latest album, She Wolf OK! Middle East caught up with him during one of his whistlestop visits to Dubai. Have you found Shakira to be inspirational as a musician? Definitely. Shakira has Middle Eastern

Amir Sofi
Aug/28/2010 Tapis Roug Andrea Higuera Conde Mexico
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